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Case Study: Maximising the impact of TV advertising to influence mass social change

1 minute read | June 2020

A look at NHS England’s national campaign to control the spread of COVID-19.

TV advertising is an important medium for reaching mass audiences, and brands continue to pump marketing budgets into this channel.  

TV advertising has also played a paramount role in the U.K. government’s public communication strategy to navigate this COVID-19 pandemic. In March, the NHS launched a national TV campaign designed to educate the public on the measures individuals must take to help control the spread of the virus. 

But how do you effectively use TV advertising to impact mass social behaviour changes?

Our Nielsen TV Content Evaluation study found several key factors that influenced the effectiveness of the campaign, including: memorable and credible content, aligned audio and visual cues,  but most importantly, the use of a credible health expert, Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Chris Witty, was the biggest factor in driving audience engagement. 

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