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Nielsen TV: The Importance of ‘GVC’ To Millennial Gamers

1 minute read | August 2019

When it comes to video game engagement, the action is no longer limited to simply playing. This is especially true for U.S. Millennials, as 71% of Millennial gamers say they enjoy watching gaming video content (often referred to as simply ‘GVC’) as well, largely on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. And what’s more, they’re active contributors to GVC creators. In fact, with GVC influencers starting to reach mainstream celebrity status, particularly in the rapidly growing esports industry, the relationship between viewers, content creators and brands is ever-changing. Why does GVC matter when trying to reach the Millennial audience? To learn more, we spoke with Bethany Lyons, a research analyst at SuperData, a Nielsen company, who provided key insights about Millennial GVC habits.


For additional insight, download the Millennials on Millennials: Gaming Media Consumption report.

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