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1 minute read | March 2019

In 2018, Australian advertisers spent approximately $1 billion on outdoor advertising, according to Nielsen Ad Intel estimates. When trying to work out the return on investment (ROI) on these dollars, historically it’s been difficult to determine whether the right audience saw the ad; and it’s proven a challenge to add more detail to an audience segment that spans beyond age and gender.

To drive a better outcome for ROI on marketing dollars, Nielsen and RDA Research have partnered to shine a light on target audiences with a solution called GeoCMV Explorer. Specifically, attitudes and behaviours, media consumption, intention to purchase, demographic, socioeconomic, attitudinal and segmentation variables are all made readily accessible through a user-friendly cloud-based geoanalytics tool. This means that marketers can geographically refine their media planning and selling based on specific target audience concentrations.

Download the case study to see two de-branded examples that show how outdoor advertising was able to maximise the reach and resonance of ads with target audiences.

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