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UAE Radio Remains Strong With 7.57 Million Listeners In Q3 2018

1 minute read | November 2018

Nielsen UAE Radio Audience Measurement third-quarter 2018 data release shows that radio remains an exceptionally strong medium of information and entertainment among the population in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There were some declines in listening levels in the summer and vacation months, but nevertheless, 89% of the population aged 10 and older tuned into radio in the third quarter across 53 radio stations measured in the country.

Listenership dropped for the non-Arab expats compared to the previous quarter due to the two-month long summer vacations, while the expat Arab groups have shown an increase in numbers and Emiratis have maintained high listening levels.

When we look at time of day for listening, late evening (post drive time) remains very healthy and equal in terms of reach compared to other peak times throughout the day. Later evening radio consumption (8 p.m. to 12 a.m.) in the third quarter remained higher than morning or drive time listening. These nighttime listeners are largely aged 25-44 years.

Despite the increasing influence of digital mediums in the country that provide new ways for audiences to engage with media, AM/FM radio continues to be the main listening device used by the majority of the population (80%), while 34% also listen on their mobile devices. Mobile listeners clock an average of three hours and 38 minutes per week via their mobile devices.

UAE RAM Q3 2018

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