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The Database: A Look at the Growing World of Streaming and Over-the-Top Video

2 minute read | July 2018

Episode 12

Historically, when people referred to TV, they usually meant the electrical box in the living room that entertained family and friends with an array of scheduled programming that came from a handful of content providers.

Today, the TV box in our living room still showcases video, but the content comes from a growing number of providers. And consumers can now access that content across myriad platforms—essentially transforming the electric box, as well as many other connected devices, into multimedia content experiences.

But regardless of how you define TV, there’s no debate that Americans love their video programming—in all its forms. In fact, the average American watches more than 130 hours of scheduled, linear TV each month. Yet while traditional TV viewing is still in the driver’s seat, connected TV viewing is on the rise, as two-thirds of Americans own at least one internet-connected device. And they use those devices to watch more than 40 hours of content each month.

This episode of The Database explores the growing universe of streaming video and over-the-top content. We delve into the technologies consumers are using to tap into this content, the growth in the amount of content they’re consuming, as well as how these trends are shaping the overall video viewing landscape.

Our Nielsen guests on this episode include Peter Katsingris, SVP of Audience Insights, Brian Fuhrer, SVP of Product Leadership, Sal Tuzzeo, VP of U.S. Media Communications, and Gorki Delossantos, Director of U.S. Media Communications.

For more information on video viewing and streaming, download our first-quarter 2018 Total Audience Report. Looking for more episodes? Subscribe to The Database on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher.

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