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Nielsen TV: Insights into the Digital Discovery of U.S. Hispanic Consumers

1 minute read | October 2018

Technology has fundamentally changed the consumer experience, but disproportionately so for the Latinx community. While most consumers today are fairly well connected and digitally savvy, the motivating factors behind connectivity aren’t homogenous across consumer groups. For U.S. Hispanics, the reasons behind connectivity and what they’re seeking is different from the general U.S. population. The basis for that connectivity, as detailed in Nielsen’s recent Descubrimiento Digital: The Online Lives of Latinx Consumers report, is rooted in culture, tradition and family. To better understand how U.S. Hispanics use technology to amplify their values and aspirations while staying true to their traditions and families, we sat down with Stacie deArmas, Nielsen’s VP of Strategic Initiatives and Consumer Engagement with a focus on the U.S. Hispanic market.

You can also hear Stacie on The Database podcast.

Note: Nielsen uses the term Latinx in this report to connote unspecified gender. The decision is a nod toward greater inclusion of women, LGBT+ and non-binary Hispanics and the growing popularity of the term in social media and academic writing.


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