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Millennials on Millennials: TV and Digital News Consumption

1 minute read | September 2018

Millennials have spending power and influence, and marketers are eager to reach them. Their particular media habits differ vastly from past generations and have a major impact on the overall media landscape and how content is consumed. This is the “it” demographic among marketers around the globe because of their size as a cohort and their growing spending prowess.

The Millennials on Millennials series of reports, constructed by Nielsen’s own Millennial associates, leverages Nielsen data sets to provide insights into different topics that impact the Millennial generation and the media industry as a whole. Topics include ways Millennials perceive advertising, social media, communication, entertainment, spending, technology and more.

This report analyzes and explores their news consumption trends across platforms and devices, how Millennials become informed during breaking news and view special events and what news format works best among Millennials.

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