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Webinar: Secrets to Spanish-Language TV ROI

1 minute read | February 2017

Companies are well aware of the rapidly growing U.S. Hispanic market, with over $1.3 trillion in spending power. But many remain cautious of reaching this demographic—or expanding their current efforts—because of the challenge of realizing returns and the cultural intelligence required to succeed. Others may be wondering what they can expect from the performance of their Spanish-language TV advertising campaigns. What is realistic? What is possible?

Our recent webinar shows how marketers can develop a roadmap for achieving strong Spanish-language outcomes on a more consistent basis.

Nielsen’s Global Head of Marketing ROI Products, Matthew Krepsik, reviews a recent analysis of Spanish-language television advertising across hundreds of marketing mix studies. The study looked at diverse factors—including creative quality, execution flighting, brand size, consumption strength, and marketing budget allocations—to identify secrets to campaigns that beat general market benchmarks.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • What drives top performing Spanish-language television advertising efforts
  • Effective guidelines for evaluating current Spanish-language campaigns targeting the U.S. Hispanic market
  • Tips for improving Spanish-language TV campaign performance

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