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U.S. Games 360 Report: 2017

1 minute read | May 2017

For the eighth year in a row, Nielsen has conducted extensive research into how Americans feel about—and consume—gaming. This report is the result of our latest study.

This year’s headline results show that although the number of people playing games has remained stable, they are spending more time gaming overall. Mobile gaming time has also leveled off but the penetration of 8th generation consoles and the release of the mid-cycle console upgrades have driven increased engagement on those devices. It is also shifting the way 7th generation devices are used—they have transitioned from pure gaming machines to multimedia devices, used for streaming and consuming other media.

The continued growth of eSports and the excitement and investment in virtual and augmented reality, along with the increasing prevalence of downloadable content, expansion packs and full digital games, only underline the buoyancy of the industry in 2017.

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