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Time with Tunes: How Technology is Driving Music Consumption

1 minute read | November 2017

On average, Americans spend just over 32 hours a week listening to music in 2017, up 5.5 hours over last year. How is this possible? Technology. At home, at work and traveling in between, people are consuming more music than ever before, from more devices.

New technology and the latest gadgets allow listeners to seamlessly engage with music anywhere, anytime. Smartphones, laptops and tablets are among top devices for music engagement at home, and radio still dominates in-car listening, but new technology is becoming more and more relevant.

Music listeners use an average of 3.4 devices in a typical week to engage with music (teens and Millennials average 3.8). Those who currently pay for streaming services use an average of 4.8, while weekly AM/FM radio streamers use an average of 5.5.

While smartphones, laptops and television are still the most popular ways we listen to music, newer tech is becoming more mainstream, further personalizing at-home and in-car music experiences. Consumers are now incorporating voice-controlled devices and high-end specialized headphones into their weekly listening habits.

U.S. music listeners value both quantity and quality, with 30% saying they’re willing to pay more for top-quality music technology. That number climbs to 40% among Millennials.

More information on the preferences and behaviors of music listeners in the U.S. are included in the 2017 Music 360 Report, with highlights found here.

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