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Multicultural Millennials: The Multiplier Effect

1 minute read | January 2017

There are 75 million Millennials living in the U.S., and 42% of them are multicultural: of African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic heritage. These young people are bridging the gaps between their own generation and generations that are both older and younger.

Multicultural Millennials are also fully ambicultural, effortlessly bridging the gaps between their birth culture and other cultures. This group’s broad, unique buying habits are inspiring successful, popular cultural trends, and are having a profound effect on their peers, their parents and their children.

The ambicultural multicultural Millennial expression of culture is interwoven into all aspects of their lives, and this groups takes extra steps to maintain its critical connection to their culture. There are several portals to connecting with the cohort, including the sports, photography, fashion and food industries. It’s important to note that what was once considered “multicultural” is now mainstream, and that shift will only accelerate over the next several decades.

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