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Love of Listening: The Passion and Habits of Hispanic Music Consumers

2 minute read | October 2017

Music is a big part of daily life and special occasions for most Hispanic consumers. According to our annual Music 360 report, 93% of the Hispanic population (age 13+) in the U.S. listened to music in the past year, and 59% consider music important, compared with 51% of the general population.

Hispanic music listeners are also significantly more engaged with artists on social as 70% say they follow artists they like on social media, compared to 55% of the general population. And with such a passion for music, Hispanic consumers are willing to spend more to enjoy their favorite artists. On average, they spend $181 per year on music compared to the music listener average of $156. So how do Hispanic consumers utilize their music budget? Live events are paramount.

While live music concerts and music festivals are popular, Hispanic music listeners are especially fans of small live music sessions and club events with a live DJ.

Brands looking to engage with Hispanic music listeners through live events will find activations that resonate among this group include things like free giveaways, free Wi-Fi hotspots, and air-conditioning tents at outdoor music festivals.

Whether attending a live music performance or listening to recordings, the genres Hispanic consumers choose are highly diverse. While Latin music is a fan favorite, Hispanic listeners also enjoy urban genres like hip-hop, EDM (electronic dance music) and rap, as well as jazz and Christian music more than the general population. However, they’re less likely to listen to rock, country and oldies. 

More information on the preferences and behaviors of music listeners in the U.S. are included  in the 2017 Music 360 Reports with highlights found here .

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