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Commercial Trends in Motorsport: 2017

1 minute read | March 2017

Around the globe, the world of professional sports is changing, and motorsports are no exception. This is a period of rapid shifts and intense competition for attention. Enabled by technology, fans are rewriting the rulebook; they are increasingly demanding and want the ability to watch whatever they want, in whatever way they want, wherever they are.

Rights holders and sponsoring brands across motorsport are, therefore, having to adapt to a new and fully-connected world. From new sources of investment and exploring new technologies, such as virtual reality, to the explosion of eSports and the splintering media landscape, international motorsport has much to consider as it battles for fans’ attention, interest and revenue.

Based on Nielsen Sports’ Commercial Trends, our team of motorsport experts have plotted this landscape and outlined 10 major commercial trends in motorsport. With the new Formula One and MotoGP world championships underway, it promises to be a fascinating commercial journey.

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