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Mobile Keeping Kiwis Connected

2 minute read | Tony Boyte, NZ Research Director | January 2016

In an average week, 3.1 million New Zealanders aged 15 and over spend 14 hours online. That’s the equivalent of two working days a week!

The average total time spent on the Internet from home and work increased by 23 minutes across a week in the past year. And, with 70% of New Zealanders now owning a mobile connected device, accessing from ‘other’ locations is up by 35 minutes.

Close to two thirds of the NZ online population access digital content via a smartphone each week, and over a quarter go online via their tablet device.

According to the inaugural Nielsen New Zealander Connect Consumers Report, which looked at connected behaviours of New Zealanders aged 15 and over across many different platforms, screens and devices, nearly two in five use at least three devices every week. 

Through growing digital touchpoints, successful brand content and experiences can more than ever reach the majority of the population at different points throughout the day. Brands are now given more opportunity to engage connected NZ consumers at precisely the right moment with precisely the right message. For example, the mobile is the first device New Zealanders use to access the Internet first thing in the morning – so there is a strong opportunity to engage key audiences during this period.

Social media is of course an important driver of the modern digital experience.

Almost nine in ten New Zealanders use social media, and three quarters use Facebook on a monthly basis. Desktop/laptops are still the most dominant device used for this activity, however mobile and the use of apps is increasingly prevalent – over half of Facebook visitors each month access via a smartphone app, and more than two in five for Twitter.

Other than social media, New Zealanders primarily use their smartphones to access weather information and news updates. Short-form video clips are also high on the list, and more than a quarter research products and services, and listen to music or digital radio.

The rise of digital media engagement by New Zealanders has opened many doors for marketers, but also posed some unique challenges for an array of industry participants-advertisers, media owners and content providers alike. With so many new touch points out there, the opportunities are growing. What’s more, the mobility of these devices facilitates online media access across a range of locations and situations, providing brands an opportunity to engage with consumers at the right time, in the right place and with the right message.

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