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Nielsen’s global study: VoD (video on demand) against traditional TV in Ukraine and around the world

2 minute read | March 2016
  • The majority of respondents in Ukraine (67%) prefer cable or satellite TV
  • Every fourth Ukrainian is ready to change traditional TV for a paid service “Video on Demand” and watch paid content only in the online channel

According to a global survey by Nielsen (Video on Demand), the majority of Ukrainian (67%), European (65%) and global respondents (72%) prefer traditional television, namely pay-TV and satellite TV. Despite the rapid development of the media landscape, when today consumers of pay TV content have a wide choice of platforms for watching it, only 8% of respondents in Ukraine use paid video services. In Europe, according to the survey, 11% of users of the paid online video service. The highest rate of declared users of “video on demand” – in North America (35%). Video on Demand (video on demand) allows you to view content in real time: allows you to find the video of interest online, pay and watch it at any convenient time without being tied to the time of its release on TV.

While the majority of Ukrainian respondents (74%) do not plan to give up traditional services of cable and satellite providers, every fourth Ukrainian (26%) is ready to do so in favor of paid TV online content on demand (* VoD – video on demand). For example, among all European countries that participated in the survey, the largest percentage of respondents who are not going to change traditional TV and do not plan to completely switch to paid content on the Internet, recorded in Estonia (94%).

As part of a global survey, Video on Demand Nielsen surveyed 30,000 online respondents in 61 countries, including Ukraine, to find out the attitude of viewers to the paid Video on Demand service. This service is already becoming familiar to both global and Ukrainian viewers. Among those who use the “Video on Demand” service in Ukraine, more than half (62%) say they watch paid content at least once a day. By comparison, in Europe, only one in three users of Video-on-Demand (38%) said they watch paid online video at least once a day.

Regarding viewing devices, 89% of Ukrainian users of the paid “Video on Demand” service state that they view paid content in real time on a personal computer, 54% of respondents – on a mobile phone and 40% – on a tablet. According to the study, Ukrainian viewers watch such paid content as feature films (85%), short videos (57%) and TV series (53%). Interestingly, only 20% of respondents in Europe as a whole watch paid news content.

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