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Case Study: Cross-Border Study Drives Marketing Strategies to Reach International Consumers

1 minute read | April 2016

Border cities all across the U.S. benefit economically from consumers who cross the border to shop, eat, visit and ultimately be exposed to U.S. media. These border cities have become reliant on the media consumption, consumer behavior and spending of visiting consumers. In fact, these are driving factors shaping the success of their local businesses. However, effectively quantifying the impact that these consumers have on the U.S. economy can be a challenge.

The Rio Grande Economic Development Councils are well aware of the challenge, and recently engaged Nielsen for a custom consumer survey to understand the interdependence of the economies on both sides of the U.S. and Mexican border.

The study surveyed respondents in the Matamoros and Reynosa municipalities to gain insights on TV and radio media consumption, retail spending, restaurant spending and other consumer behavior categories. And for the first time, the marketplace was able to quantify the audience that consumes, views and listens, regardless of borders.

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