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About the art of effective advertising

3 minute read | Szűcs-Villányi Ágnes – osztályvezető, Nielsen | January 2016

Creativity encourages shopping

On average, a TV advertising campaign encourages the retail sale of a brand by twenty percent. More successful campaigns, on the other hand, can increase traffic by up to three and a half times. Among other things, this was revealed by an examination of Nielsen’s marketing mix.

It was also found that television advertising contributes about 50 percent to the overselling of a branded product.

“A brand performs best”

All of this came to light in an article in the American journal Harvard Business Review. It was stated that when it comes to the key to the success of advertising, everyone quotes the mantra of the creative director of one of the major international advertising agencies; that “nothing is more effective than a creative advertisement that is easy to remember and recall. It lasts a long time, works with less media and quickly builds a camp for brand lovers ”.

In contrast, two authors of the article, two researchers at the University of Cologne, point out: “In the world of marketing, creativity must ultimately be turned into a sale. Therefore, the most important question is whether an advertising campaign is effective enough for a brand to perform as well as possible ”.

They tripled their turnover

Nielsen found an answer by analyzing the TV advertising campaign of one hundred and fifty FMCG products: The turnover of each advertised brand increased 3.5 times for every fifth campaign examined, compared to an average of 1.2 times.

Based on the analyzes, it was found that outstanding success can be achieved through three factors: first, the quality of the content, second, the implementation of the plans, and third, the optimal spending.

How can these three things be brought to an optimal level? “At Nielsen, we believe a‘ FTK ’structure can provide a solution. If a brand focuses on CONSUMERS, CONTENT, CONNECTIONS, a campaign is successful and its advertising is good, ”says the Nielsen study, which describes the results of the analysis. (In English, the name of the structure is 3C, i.e. Consumers, Content, Context).

Full access, but exactly

The first step to effective advertising is to reach consumers effectively. So in addition to full achievement, we must strive to achieve them accurately.

As long as serious viewership data is available for TV, the measurement tools for screens available on the Internet are generally less powerful.

However, proper measurement data is essential for success. At the same time, in some countries, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings allows market participants to select the appropriate medium for which, in addition to viewership, information about the target audience is available.

Remember the moment you buy

Second, the content of an effective TV ad needs to grab the viewer’s attention right from the first five to seven seconds because the risk of losing the consumer is greatest during that time.

“So the consumer who needs to be bound by the content and then activate their memory at the moment of purchase,” says a Nielsen study. – “In our experience, it is clear that various important elements of an advertisement have a profound effect on memory. For example, it must affect more than one sense at a time; movement to help viewers perceive the sight; let there be a central visual field that attracts the viewer’s maximum attention – all of which increase the impact of an advertising spot ”.

If related to previous topics

The third pillar to increase the effectiveness of advertising is the context. When designing an advertising campaign for a brand, the appropriate contexts need to be considered. Because every moment consumers respond to a stimulus or content, they are filled with everything that has previously hit them:

“If the content of your advertising is related to a topic that is already perceived by consumers, you will get better results. And in this case, it stimulates the brain function of the affected consumers much more strongly, – our analyzes have revealed ”. It follows that it is advisable to model advertising campaigns towards the FTK. With the Consumer-Content-Context structure, the money invested in advertising campaigns pays off better and increases the efficiency of your spending.

Published in the Product Mix magazine)

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