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Webinar: Unlocking the Power of Music in Advertising

1 minute read | July 2015

Music continues to be omnipresent in the lives of consumers, whose consumption behaviors evolve with each new technology and access point. With the media space ever-changing, and fragmentation being the constant, marketers are looking to supplement traditional advertising programs with new ways to engage audiences. From using popular music in advertising to leveraging emotional attachment to sponsorships, music is taking center stage in driving growth for brands.

Join Julanne Schiffer, SVP, Insights & Analytics for Nielsen Entertainment, as she reveals new research about the power and effectiveness of music in advertising and helps answer these questions:

  • How can advertisers reach consumers effectively and create brand value through music?
  • How can advertisers use this information target specific emotional responses in their campaigns?
  • Do different musical genres affect attentiveness when used in advertising?
  • Does “fanship” matter?

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