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The Total Audience Report: Q4 2014

1 minute read | March 2015

The vast majority of U.S. TV households have multiple technologies available—giving these consumers significant choice in viewing and listening options at their fingertips, from video clips of llamas on the lam to spinning that secret album drop.

As a result, consumers’ time and attention around media is in flux. Increased video viewing on digital platforms to both native digital content and TV-produced content, as well as the rise of subscription-based video on-demand (SVOD) across all platforms, are changing the way we look at the consumption of traditional media. While the risks and rewards are potentially high in this environment, the ability to stake a claim in the expanding industry pie is central to companies’ growth.

Measurement holds a key to enabling true understanding of today’s changing audience behavior (in real-time) to inform dynamic content and advertising in an ever-fragmenting media world. Accordingly, to do so, audience measurement will transform dramatically to capture and accurately value the Total Audience.

Technology begets technology

Over 40% of U.S. homes had access to an SVOD service as of November 2014, and 13% of homes boasted multiple streaming services. Homes with subscription streaming services have both a penchant for TV-connected technology and, perhaps more importantly, display the greatest usage of these devices—nearly 50 minutes more than a typical TV home.

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