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The Beverage Alcohol Media Report

1 minute read | December 2015

U.S. consumers have significant choice in connecting with their favorite content, often with multiple viewing and listening options at their fingertips. This is in turn challenging companies to adapt to the acceleration of change and continued fragmentation of consumers’ media time and attention. While U.S. consumers are adding time to their media day to connect with their favorite content, no matter where it exists, they are also progressively shifting from live viewing to digital and on-demand consumption.

This report looks at the media consumption habits of U.S. consumers of legal drinking age (LDA). It provides three different perspectives:

  • Digital Best Practices: Secrets to success with digital from one of the best at it – Anheuser-Busch InBev.
  • LDA Audience Media Consumption: A perspective on how LDA consumers are consuming media content. Within this section, we explore how consumers are connecting with devices and platforms and for how long they are doing so, with 21+ breakdowns by age and ethnicity. Consumers simply choose to consume the content that best meets their needs, but the measurement side of that is not so simple. This is something Nielsen is addressing via total audience measurement.
  • The “Best of the Best”: The top Bev Al television ads from the first two quarters of 2015 for each Adult Beverage category, as ranked by how well the ads broke through in-market and connected back to the brand.

The Media Diet of LDA Consumers

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