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The Data-Driven Future of Video Advertising

1 minute read | March 2014

From TVs to tablets and computers to smartphones, technology is reshaping the way consumers engage with video and, in turn, how media and advertising companies do business. Video advertising is a massive, growing market in the U.S., and technology is driving its evolution.

To better understand the changing landscape of the cross-screen video marketplace—today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities—Nielsen and Simulmedia brought together a core group of researchers, marketers and C-suite executives from all sides of the media industry. The general consensus among the roughly 40 participants was that TV ad expenditures will continue to exceed online video advertising, which will grow as a segment of the online ad market. But these conversations demonstrated that while the online and TV video ad markets will remain separate for the time being, the movement toward integration is real and accelerating. 

TV Still Dominates Video Time

TVs have been in U.S. homes since the 1950s and now appear in most homes. Today, 283 million Americans spend more than 146 hours on average watching TV each month.

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