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FIFA World Cup 2014: Top Matches On Twitter the Week of 6/23

1 minute read | June 2014

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup lights up screens and social feeds across the U.S., Nielsen Social is compiling a weekly wrap-up of all the action on Twitter to make sure you have a firsthand look at the minutes and matches that are igniting the social stadium. With fans, brands and celebrities jumping onto Twitter to cheer on teams and players, comment on calls, celebrate goooooooals and catch-up on the latest action, this weekly analysis of social activity and reach in the U.S. across airing networks will help you break down the matches and moments that engaged fans and reached the biggest audiences on Twitter.

Each week’s wrap-up also includes a look at Twitter brand activity related to FIFA Partners and World Cup Sponsors. Check out the ‘Brand Affinity’ analysis, to find a ranking of all U.S. partners and sponsors, based on which brands saw the greatest share of Tweeters also posting about the World Cup each week.

Curious how this week’s action on Twitter compares to previous weeks? Check out last week’s wrap-up.

world cup 2014 social scorecard

world cup 2014 social scorecard mobile

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