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Australian Connected Consumers Report 2014

1 minute read | June 2014

For 16 years we have published an annual study of Australians’ online behaviours, keeping pace with their changing habits and preferences. We continue to follow the rise, and rise of online media as it further infiltrates consumers’ lives and integrates into their world.The Australian Connected Consumers Report allows you to see how trends have changed and forecasts what’s around the corner – so we can help you capture and maximise the opportunities of this new connected world.

Consumers’ media habits have evolved dramatically. Technology, online conversations and new devices have all interrupted our old ways of finding consumers. More than ever we need a clear view of what is happening today and the implications for the coming years.

That’s where Nielsen’s Australian Connected Consumer Report comes in.

Now in its 16th year we’ve been capturing and interpreting these trends for clients unlike anyone else. Companies large and small rely on us to help them understand the new digital landscape and help them finesse their strategies for today’s connected consumer.

This report provides an understanding of your own business’ consumers, which will feed straight into your 2014 media, marketing and distribution strategies.

This year we dedicate a chapter to Online Retail and ramp up our focus on internet TV and social TV.

Purchase the report.

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