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Campaign Collaboration Busts Video Myths

2 minute read | August 2014

With the burgeoning growth in consumption of online video content in Australia, the media industry is challenged with moving beyond traditional online metrics such as ‘clicks’ and ‘impressions’ to more sophisticated measurement models. The industry needs access to in-depth metrics on the effectiveness of digital media in connecting and resonating with the right audiences and driving behavioural change.

In November 2012, media agency, Ikon, foresaw the power and potential that Nielsen’s newly launched Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) could bring to the Australian digital media market in establishing a framework which delivered against the industry’s common need to accurately measure the reach and frequency of digital video. Executives from TubeMogul, a video advertising software platform, shared this vision. The two companies joined forces to leverage OCR to develop a new solution called BrandPoint for planning and optimising digital video via an audience-centric approach, delivering reach and frequency against audiences.

According to TubeMogul’s Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Sam Smith and Ikon’s Head of Technology, Phil Cowlishaw, the insights being gained through OCR and BrandPoint are revolutionising the way in which advertisers and agencies think about and leverage digital video. The data has helped to de-bunk some common myths around digital video audiences and gain greater understanding of how best to deliver video content and how video can support and enhance the reach of television. Importantly, it is also helping agencies understand how to adjust their digital campaigns to improve on-target percentage (OTP) and drive accountability.

Moving forward, both Smith and Cowlishaw emphasise the need for continued investment in online video measurement to allow for enhancements such as custom segmentation and the introduction of new metrics such as frequency corridors and viewability scores. As demand for digital video content continues to grow, so too the industry must continue to evolve its measurement capabilities to deliver greater transparency to advertisers and drive a shift toward a screen-agnostic approach to distribution, which focuses on reaching the ideal audiences in the most cost-effective way.

These insights were presented live on stage at Nielsen’s Consumer 360 conference (July 31 – Aug 1, Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains). Put together one of Australia’s largest media agencies, the world’s leader in online video advertising delivery, and one of the country’s most recognised brands and you get a telling story on how TubeMogul and Ikon are creating outcomes for one of Australia’s leading financial institutions. Through verifying the actual audience of their digital video campaigns, these companies shared how they created big outcomes for their online campaign investments. John Miskelly from GroupM, Australia’s largest Media Agency, discussed the top four things GroupM has learnt from measuring over 200 online campaigns with Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings. 

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