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Webinar: Improving Ad Performance with the Three Rs

1 minute read | March 2013

Optimizing ad performance is about reaching the right audience, influencing its opinion and impacting behavior. While achieving this winning combination can be a challenge, it is now made possible using the ‘3R Framework’ – and understanding how Reach and Resonance lead to Reaction.

Join us for a reprise presentation highlighting the 3Rs of improving ad performance. Learn how to use this powerful 3R Framework to analyze and understand your advertising results. What’s working? What’s not? How do you create a message that doesn’t get lost? By exploring Reach, Resonance and Reaction, this platform will help uncover your most responsive buyer groups – and execute brand messages more effectively among media alternatives. We will also share a real-life case study demonstrating better clarity, increased audience connection and improved ROI. In this presentation we will highlight key facets of the framework that address questions such as:

  • Which current media landscape shifts and trends are the most opportunistic?
  • How can live TV advertisements be improved to provide more overall value?
  • How are key optimization points uncovered?
  • What measurable differences can be found between online and live TV advertisement effectiveness?
  • How can in-flight optimization be achieved in ‘real time’?
    Attend this encore presentation on the 3Rs and give your ad performance a needed boost.

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