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Promotional Effectiveness: Learn to Optimize and Maximize Your Promotions

1 minute read | August 2013

In today’s fragmented TV world, it’s critical to direct your promos at both new and existing viewers in order to get measurable returns. Every dollar, every ratings point, counts. Today’s promotions and creative services directors need strong evidence to make their case for using valuable ad inventory.

Please join Nielsen and PromaxBDA for what promises to be a lively panel on how to turn data into precise marketing campaigns that result in increased viewership. Kicking off the session will be Nielsen’s Jackie Bergeron who will present what the company has learned through its research, heading straight into a panel discussion led by Brief’s Paige Albiniak with TV representatives from both meter and diary markets.

Through specific case studies, we will examine how local stations can get more value out of their programming and promotional spots, even in today’s very competitive marketplace.

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