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How One Media Company Saw Green by Blending Viewing and Spending Habits

1 minute read | July 2013

It’s no surprise that network affiliates and advertisers in local markets both strive to stretch their budgets. It’s especially paramount in smaller designated market areas (DMAs), where local networks vie relentlessly for market share and even have to battle with the perception that network TV platforms offer a broader opportunity for advertising dollars. Given the stakes, companies operating in local markets are always on the lookout for any possible advantage they can use to their benefit.

In a recent case study Nielsen and Scarborough conducted with Spanish language media company Entravision, a new and unique path into consumer’s collective wallets was blazed in an effort to increase advertising revenue. The study didn’t simply rely on traditional key demos—such as age or gender—it followed the path to purchase in an effort to reach the best consumer.

By blending both the traditional viewing habits of consumers and their purchase behavior in automotive and retail categories, Entravision stations in Texas (KORO), Nevada (KREN) and California (KPMR) were not only able to reach viewers more effectively, but they reached shoppers and buyers as well. The result? The ad sales teams notched wins, increased their share of local TV ad dollars and, best of all, grew the stations’ revenue.

Some of the key insights include:

  • More than 28 percent of KREN’s primetime audience will spend between $25K-$30K on their next vehicle.
  • Luxury buyers who are willing to spend $45K on their next vehicle represent 7 percent of KREN’s primetime audience.

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