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Brands and the Big Stage: Concert Goers Favor Brands that Engage Them through Music

1 minute read | November 2013

Brands are using music as a way to connect with their consumers now more than ever. In fact, U.S. music fans actually feel more favorable toward brands that engage them through their favorite tunes, according to Nielsen’s Music 360 report.

Music festivals attract hundreds of thousands of passionate fans, which make them appealing for brands who want to create wide spread and powerful exposure over the course of a few days. Beer-brand Anheuser-Busch, for example, teamed up with marketing mogul Steve Stoute and entertainer Jay-Z to create the Budweiser Made in America festival. The event, in its second year running, was designed to bring together music and culture, backed by a big-name brand.

So how do people feel about these sponsorships? Seventy-six percent of festival attendees report feeling more favorable toward brands that sponsor a tour or concert, and 51 percent of all consumers feel this way. Given these large numbers, big-brands can learn from events—like Budweiser’s Made in America and Rockstar Energy Drink’s Uproar music festivals—as ways to give their branded efforts exposure and connect to a wider group of fans.

Big festivals aren’t the only way for brands to connect with the fans. Approximately 74 percent of music streamers feel more favorable toward brands that engage them through music giveaways, sweepstakes and sponsorships, compared with 58 percent of non-streamers.


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