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Aussies Still Place Most Trust in Earned Media

2 minute read | Monique Perry, Head of Media Industry Group, Nielsen | September 2013

Findings from our latest Global Trust in Advertising Report has revealed that ‘earned media’ in the form of recommendations from friends and family continues to be the most trusted form of advertising among Australian consumers. With the increased engagement and consumption of online and social media content, the platform for consumers to project their voice is far broader and far more impactful.

Traditional advertising platforms remain key for the delivery of marketing messages thanks to its ability to reach the masses, and the report shows that traditional advertising still holds strong resonance with Australian consumers

For advertisers, it’s vital that consumers make a memorable and meaningful connection with both the message and brand. Regardless of the ad delivery format, be it print, billboard, TV or online, effectively reaching consumers is predicated upon having a message that speaks to the hearts and minds of consumers and favourably impacts consumers when making a purchase decision.

As advertisers aim to stand out in today’s increasingly fragmented media landscape, the individual advertising vehicle is only part of the formula for reaching consumers. Having the right advertising mix and creating a memorable brand identity by resonating with consumers is ever-more important in this mature market. And finding ways for your message to be shared with others has its clear advantages if executed well.

The Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising (click here to download the report) polled more than 29,000 Internet respondents in 58 countries to measure consumer sentiment on 19 forms of paid, earned and owned advertising formats.

Here are a few highlights from the Australian results:

AUSTRALIAN CONSUMERS TRUST FRIENDS AND FAMILY THE MOSTEighty-four percent of Aussie consumers said they trusted recommendations from family and friends – up seven points from 2007. It continues to be the most influential source of advertising among Australian consumers.

TRUST IN TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING STILL STRONGTelevision, magazine and newspaper advertisements continue to be among the most-trusted forms of paid advertising for consumers in Australia. Over half (54%) of consumers said they trusted television ads and 66 percent said that they would take action as a result of a TV commercial.

ONLINE AND MOBILE ADS INCREASE IN CREDIBILITYIn addition to an increase in trust in messages on branded websites, almost than half (54%) of respondents said they trust consumer-consented email messages and almost a third (32%) trusted ads in search engine results, while online video ads (31%) and ads on social networks (27%) also gained traction.

HUMOUR VS REALITYAdvertising that was humourous resonated most with Australian consumers, while those that used real-life situations or were value and family oriented also fared well. Even more so with female consumers.

Click here to access the Report

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