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Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland Top Newspaper Reading Cities

2 minute read | March 2009

Rochester, NY, is the top U.S. city for newspaper readership, according to a new analysis of Integrated Newspaper Audience (INA) data from Scarborough Research, a partnership between Arbitron and The Nielsen Company. A higher percentage of adults in Rochester, NY, are reading newspapers in print or online than in any other U.S. market. The INA of Rochester is 87% – meaning that 87% of adults in the Rochester DMA read a printed newspaper, a newspaper’s website, or did both during the past week. Following closely behind are Cleveland, OH and Buffalo, NY, each with an INA of 86%. In the 81 local markets measured by Scarborough, 75% of adults read the newspaper weekly in print or online.

“This data begs the question: is the constant negative news feed on the industry warranted when newspapers are actually being read by three-fourths of the adult population? When you look at audience data, it seems irrational that advertisers are leaving newspapers because the numbers speak for themselves,” said Gary Meo, senior vice president, print and digital media, Scarborough Research.

Top Local Markets for Integrated Newspaper Audience
1Rochester, NY87%
2Cleveland/Akron, OH86%
3Buffalo, NY86%
4Pittsburgh, PA85%
5Syracuse, NY85%
6Boston, MA85%
7Hartford/New Haven, CT85%
8Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY85%
9New York, NY84%
10Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA84%
source: Scarborough Research

Top 10 Newspaper Websites: February 2009
RANK News Source Readership
4LA Times8,421,000
5Wall Street Journal Online6,842,000
7New York Post5,121,000
8Daily News Online Edition4,924,000
9Chicago Tribune4,016,000
source: Nielsen Online US, Home and Work

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