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Interview Mediaweek Freaks Out with MediaFreakBlog

2 minute read | July 2009

With a focus on information and irreverence, Mediaweek has launched MediaFreakBlog.com, joining sister sites Adfreak and Brandfreak. Jim Cooper, Executive Editor, AdweekMedia and editor of Mediafreak explains the strategy behind Nielsen’s most recent blog offering.

What’s the goal of Mediafreak?

Jim Cooper: Mediaweek’s mantra has always been cover the content and follow the dollars, and Mediafreak will operate under the same mission-just in blog form. Our staff writers and freelance contributors will bring their deep institutional knowledge to bear to deliver an insightful, informative and entertaining counterpart to Mediaweek and Mediaweek.com.

Who is the audience? Is it broader than Mediaweek?

JC: Mediafreak is designed to appeal to a wide ranging audience of media professionals as well as a consumer and enthusiast audience interested in all things television, publishing and digital media.

How does it differ from the other blogs, Adfreak and Brandfreak?

JC: Mediafreak will solely cover the ad-support media business and, with our writers expertise and personalities, will be both distinct from and complimentary to its sister blogs.

Are you going to break news or is it largely to riff on the news?

JC: We will break news on Mediaweek.com and use Mediafreak as place where that news can be looked at through the prisms of context, insight, humor, outrage and a dash of snark — but we don’t want it to be gratuitously nasty in tone. We hope the blog will diversify our coverage of the media industry.

Brandfreak has an obsession with the brand Snuggies, what are some likely targets in Mediafreak articles?

JC: Well, we’ll always keep an eye on the general ad marketplace throughout the year, but issues like the future of media measurement and transition from traditional media to digital will always be broad themes behind our filings. The uncertain future of magazines, local broadcasting and newspapers will be ripe fruit for us to pluck as well. But the media industry is a vast waterfront to cover and fodder for Mediafreak will range from riffs on TV Land’s reality series The Cougar to insight on Supreme Court rulings. We’ll try to get freaky with it all.

Visit: Meadifreakblog.com

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