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Talkin’ To Technology

1 minute read | Lyndal Cowling, Digital Industry Lead Australia, Nielsen | September 2019

Hey Nielsen, what’s the growth rate of smart speakers in Australia? Smart speakers are still an emerging technology in Australia with 14% of Australians (2.9 million) owning one, and a quarter of those using one every day. In the Northern Territory and Victoria, 17% of people own smart speakers. However, absolute numbers by state/territory show that New South Wales has the largest number of Australians who own a device (949K). In addition, the majority of Aussie smart speaker devices are owned by Millennials.

Of those who have smart speakers, 79% choose Google Home, followed by Amazon Echo (7%) and Apple Home Pod (3%). Whilst not a new technology innovation, the growth in Australia is burgeoning. Marketers and brands should be considering how they can add smart speakers into their toolkit to reach consumers.  

Despite smart speakers’ vast capabilities, the top three uses for smart speakers are listening to music, weather updates and setting alarms. And whilst smart speakers have a larger adoption rate in American’s lives, they prioritising the same tasks as Aussies.  Whilst these tasks sound simple, there are commercial opportunities for marketers. Overall, the growing adoption of smart speakers is a trend to keep tabs on. 

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