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NBCU’s Lauren Zalaznick Reclassifying Success for the New Norm

1 minute read | June 2012

At Nielsen’s Consumer 360, Fortune‘s Adam Lashinsky led a conversation with Lauren Zalaznick, Chairman of NBCUniversal Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media.

Accountable for setting the strategic direction for a wide portfolio of NBCU media assets, Zalaznick stated that she sees herself as “a grower,” able to take networks, ideas, etc., to the next level. Her goal is to actively map strategic ideas for brands such as Bravo Media, Oxygen Media, Style, and PBS Sprout. Currently, Ms. Zalaznick and her team are reengineering Fandango, which has grown tremendously in the last year, and Telemundo, which see sees as a huge opportunity. She highlighted the value of “lean-forward” viewers in a conversation that touched on the health of TV, digital media, the role of the DVR, and how data is the new sexy.

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