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Hong Kong Digital Behaviour Insights Report

1 minute read | December 2011

The digital landscape in Hong Kong is dynamic and constantly evolving. More than ever before, deep changes are continuously taking place in Hong Kong with respect to how consumers watch and interact with various forms of media. As new technologies continue to emerge, consumers are accessing online media via an ever-expanding array of devices and screens, often simultaneously with other forms of media.

The rise of social media has also revolutionized the way consumers communicate, share, entertain themselves and others, socialize, form relationships and source information. To keep pace with this revolution, marketers themselves have had to evolve. Social media has provided more customer touch points, more methods of content and communication distribution and more information about customers and their preferences.

This white paper aims to provide readers with insights into the Hong Kong digital consumer marketplace featuring findings from Nielsen’s just released Hong Kong Digital Behavior Insights Report, including consumer technology, changing online consumer behavior, cross media and cross platform usage, online activities and social media.

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